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Easing the Stress of Change and Challenge with Heart

Change isn’t easy and as humans, we crave predictability and what is familiar to us. That’s in our nature. And yet, all of this grasping and attachment cause us tremendous suffering.

The Stress of Change

Melissa Eisler thoughtfully explores our resistance to change in her article: "How to Ease the Stress of Change." She says,

“What is it about change that’s so scary? It doesn’t matter if the change you’re experiencing is perceived as positive or negative, shifts from life as you know it can be interpreted as stressful......
I attribute this to something I call “The What If Attack,” which is how my mind (and I suspect I’m not alone,) naturally processes uncertainty. I have the tendency to worry, and with change, I feel as though I’m being attacked by possible scenarios and potential roadblocks – most of which will never become a reality. The sum of the voices is what I refer to as “The What If Attack.” If you’re familiar with self-doubt and can relate to being a worrier, you probably know what I’m referring to.”

Read the full article from Melissa on how to manage “The What If Attack” with awareness and practice. Melissa shares why we are afraid of change and nine helpful strategies you can use to help you cope with change and fight “The What If Attack.” Find the ones that suit you best and practice to ensure you’re navigating these moments of anxiety with your inner resources!

Embracing the Uncertainty

One of the core teachings I’ve learned on my path that’s been humbling to my core is that there is almost nothing that I truly know...... I don’t know what tomorrow will bring. I don’t know how things will work out.

This totally freaks my mind and ego out.

Our ego is constantly looking to take control and pretend it knows everything. It’s preparing for tomorrow as though it can predict the future. The truth is....we don’t know. That is where the suffering comes in.

When our entire life is built around the construct of preparing for a tomorrow we need to exist on our terms, there is loss and pain when it doesn’t work out that way.

With the support of my practice, I try to sit in the recognition that I don’t know what tomorrow will bring, but I do know that I am held by the universe. That whatever comes, I am loved. That whatever comes, I have peace in my heart and wisdom in my soul....

Whatever comes, I will be OK. Just recognizing this as a possibility and trusting the universe creates space for this scary change to be a rebirth of sorts.

Resting in the Space Behind Your Heart

And the good news is we have resources we can count on! We can use our meditation practice to help us remember where home is (our own heart) and help us find a steady source of support within that we can rely on. We may not know what tomorrow will bring, but we can come home to our own heart anytime we want.

Your heart is always awaiting your presence, awaiting your attention, awaiting you. Know that your refuge is always available to and inside you. Come home to your own self and tap into the steady space behind your own heart with this meditation practice.

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