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Mindfulness for Parents

Connect to our vibrant community and thrive! 

Mindfulness is a useful tool for staying present and calm amidst the chaos. Our attention may well be the greatest gift we can ever give our children, and mindfulness is a way to stay connected and focused on what matters most during these precious years.

Parenting, whether very young children or teenagers launching into adulthood, is filled with intense joys and profound struggles. We desperately want to keep our children safe while being tasked with preparing them to be successful and independent adults.


Frequently, we enter parenthood with a clear idea of how we will parent and then find that daily demands or the unique needs of a child make it difficult to parent in a way that feels authentic and rewarding. This, coupled with whatever wounds we bring from our own childhoods, often makes modern parenting complicated, lonely, and filled with uncertainties.


Online Courses

Parent Coaching


Home Parenting Groups

Self Care Support 

Our programs will help parents of at all stages of the journey: 

  • Stay calm in a crisis 

  • Feel more connected to your children 

  • Deal with day-to-day pressures 

  • Feel good about how you talk to your family 

  • Manage behavioral challenges

  • Foster routines and rituals that are soothing and grounding

  • Develop a relationship to technology and screens that work for you and your family

  • Maintain and develop a meditation and self-care practice that is practical and sustainable

About our Team

Nicole Libin

  • Mindful Mana of 7-year-old daughter

  • Author of three books on mindfulness

  • Co-creator of the Mindful Schools certification program

  • Black Twitter Icon

Mayuri Gonzalez

  • Mindful Mama of an 8-year-old son and 14-year-old daughter

  • School Yoga Project Director for Little Flower

  • Additional training in accessible yoga, yoga therapy, positive psychology, and MBSR-T.  

  • Instagram

Online Courses

Online Courses

Several times a year we offer online courses and workshops centered around mindfulness for parents. Please check our events page to register for the next online course. 

*If you have any questions about our online courses or the registration process, please email us here.

Parent Coaching

Parent Coaching

Our coaching program is ideal for parent(s) looking for some one-on-one support in addressing their parenting goals. Let us support you on your journey. 

This can be as simple as supporting you with cultivating your own mindful parenting practice, creating a deeper connection with your child, or offering some guidance on creating healthy communication and cooperation within the home. A typical 45-minute mindful parenting coaching session follows the following format: 


Check In

This is a time for us to connect on how your mindfulness practice and parenting is going.


Instruction and Coaching

This is the heart of the session. You’ll learn mindfulness techniques that meet YOUR needs and the demands of YOUR family life. This could be many different things, but common topics are self-care, transitions, behaviour management, routines and rituals, screens and technology, mindful communication, or working with difficult emotions.  


Guided Practice

 Each call/ session typically includes A 10-minute guided mindfulness practice just for YOU, based on the weekly teaching and YOUR needs.


Reflection and Action

Each session ends reflecting on the practice and brainstorming ways that practice can be integrated into the moments we need it most. When applicable, audio recordings will be provided of all practices for support. You will leave each session with clarity and a practice plan to help you integrate the work into your life. 

Individual coaching sessions can be purchased as needed or you can buy packages of 5, 10, 15, or 20 coaching sessions at a time.

*For more detailed information or to schedule a call to learn more about our coaching programs please email us here

Home Parenting Groups


After working with hundreds of parents over the years, one common thread that was shared among parents was that they felt they were the only one struggling with their child. When we began doing public workshops on mindful parenting tools, the most common feedback about the groups was their relief in knowing that they were not alone and were able to share in the successes and struggles with other parents. This increased their motivation in sticking with their mindfulness practice and family goals. It is so much easier to do this work in community! 

We have a passion to help families develop a deeper, more meaningful relationship with each other to foster peace and cooperation in the home. We have created these mini workshops in the hopes of helping parents learn new tools in an environment that allows for “in the moment” questions about current struggles, pinpointed advice and techniques to meet the parent exactly where they are at with their family dynamics. The small group structure allows for personal encouragement and support for parents to keep moving forward in creating the peace they need for themselves so they then can create the peace they want to see within their family. 


Our hope is that these mini home workshops will help parents create their own mindful parenting community to help support and encourage each other.

Mini parenting workshops are done conveniently in any home/space of your choosing

  1. You get to be in the comfort of your home/space

  2. Warm relaxing atmosphere, no large rooms with uncomfortable seating

  3. You do not have to travel far

  4. Surrounded with others you know already, so it creates a safe place to share, process, and support other parents

  5. The opportunity to connect with other parents at a deeper level

  6. The ability to create your own parenting support network

Contact us to explore setting up a parenting series for up to 3-10 parents in your home. 

Home parenting group
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