Our Eco Mat is made from earth-friendly materials that are safe for you and the environment.

  •  New TPE/TPR Breakthrough technology (Thermoplastic Elastomer & rubber)
  • Non-Toxic (PVC, latex & Chloride free)
  • Ultimate grip traction wet or dry
  • 72" length, dual-color & double side
  • Moisture resistant (antibacterial closed-cell design)
  • 60 % lighter than PVC Mats
  • Dual patterns, dual-color for double-sided use
  • Rounded corners keep the mats flat during exercises
  • Ultimate eco mats for indoor and outdoor use (will not disintegrate easily in UV sunlight unlike regular TPE) Size: 24" X 72" (5mm)

Eco Mat 5mm W/ Strap - No PVC

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